Timothy A.
Solid game no BS, the controls are right the physics are quite enjoyable. The graphics are unique and have that retro stylish look along with the accurate sounds of rally. The game needs modes like driving challenges on devils peak. Also weather effects could make the drive more immersive.
Samantha O.
Man, the game is damn good! Feels like playing on a arcade, like theres only few options and the Vehicle's physics looks simple though, I might suggest to make a pure tutorial which players to learn more like the handbrake which for really sharp curves. I recommend the game.
Joy L.
Nice graphic & controls. But the problem is that its not fun enough, there are no roads, no map, no career mode, no cars to buy. Its bored.. Improve this game developer..



Race your Rally car to the top of Devil's Peak, one of the most challenging road courses there is! Modify and tune your car for best performance, with more than 12 miles of twisty dirt and tarmac roads to play on. Once you have set a best time, race against yourself or against other user's best ghost races. Unlock the insane down hill mode. Tune your tires, steering, suspension, differential (power distribution), spoilers and more... Play from 3rd person view, or driver's seat perspective, and watch out for those cliff drops! Play using gyro/tilt controls, or touch controls, for precise handling. Refine your driving line, improve your time, collect all the achievements, be the best!